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Asasah has been striving to improve the livelihoods of poor segment of the society through providing credit and financial products/services. During the course, we learnt that we have been serving to such a class among poor who may have repayment capacity, in other words a poor who is un-banked but credit-worthy. Thus a major segment among poor that is called extreme-poor having multifaceted nature of poverty remained un-noticed. Livelihoods of extreme-poor are mostly dependant on such formal and informal social safety-net practices which despite sustaining their livelihoods; help them maintaining their dependency.

Thus, Volunteers Program has been designed to serve such poor who cannot be served through microfinance i.e. extreme-poor. Nature of poverty of this class of poor requires long-term interventions to an extent where they could be regarded as economically ijavascript:JContentEditor.toggleEditor('text');ndependent. This can only be possible if a complete family is served accordingly.

You can serve through:

  • Educating an adult (woman)
  • Counseling a student on career
  • Transferring a productive skill/craft/art
  • Educating basic business accounting
  • Developing/innovating a product
  • Developing market linkages
  • Providing legal assistance
  • Giving time improve (physical and mental) health of poor
  • Writing for poor
You can support a person or family:
Donation Packages
  PKR* £ $
Financial Literacy training (per person) 800 7.05 5.06 7.85
Child Education (per person/month) 2600 22 16 25
Health Insurance (heads of a family /annum) 1500 13.22 9.50 14.73
Vocational & Technical Education (per person/month) 7000 61.71 44.32 68.72
Business Skills Training & Coaching (once) 30,000 264 203 294
A youth in Establishing Micro-Enterprise 10,000-30,000 88-264 63.31-203 107-294
(per person/annum as Karz-e-Hassan)        
A poor household in Developing Micro- 10,000-30,000 88-264 63.31-203 98-294
Enterprise (per person/annum as Karz-e-Hassan)        
Food Secuity Packages (For six Month) 30,000 264 203 294



  Local Currency International Currency
Bank Name: Allied Bank LTD Faysal Bank LTD
Address: 7/III, Gulbery, Lahore. 594/A, Faisal Town, Lahore
Account Title: Asasah Member welfare Asasah
Accout #: 0010000247910015,  Branch Code  0419-0077-9058-7064
Currency PKR PKR
IBM # :  PK41ABPA0010000247910015 Pk50FAS0419007790587064



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