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Volunteers Program - Donate

Asasah believes that Microfinance indeed cannot be provided in exclusion but has to be packaged with all complimentary services. ASASAH has tried to revive and recoil the original concept of providing financial and non-financial products/services. Customers need financial services that are tailor-made to suit their requirements. These services include a multitude of targeted credit products with appropriate loan sizes, savings, enterprise trainings and market linkages. Overall, Asasah has segmented the market of microfinance between the productive poor and micro-entrepreneurs having running businesses. The productive poor avail Asasah’s general services and the newly introduced Karobari Udhar, whereas the micro entrepreneurs can avail its specialized services like Karobar Barhao, Mera Karobar, Livestock and micro enterprise training.


Credit Products

Mera Karobar (My Business)

This loan product is for the growing micro-enterprises who have operating their businesses with a little formal or organized way.

Karobar Barhao (Grow the Business)

The loan product is offered to such a micro-entrepreneur who operates business in informal way. However, s/he is required to maintain her/his business records if she wants to avail maximum borrowing facility.

Karobari Udhaar (Business Borrowing)

Active poor households but far below the National Poverty Line (NPL) determined by the PPI (a poverty targeting tool) are also facilitated with our credit products. This product is service charge free for such a member of a poor household who are struggling with a business due to lack of funds.

Maweshi Paal (Livestock Loan)

This product is designed for the milk farmers only. According to milking business a farmer can be served either in cash or cattle. Livestock insurance is mandatory.


Savings Products

Hamari Bachat (Group Savings)

Voluntary savings are the foundation of a member’s assets and confidence being a prerequisite to poverty alleviation. Asasah’s philosophy hinges on flexibility; member access to easy withdrawals and ensuring that member is habitual saver.

Meri Bachat (Individual Savings)

Similarly, Asasah appreciate its member especially a woman to save as an individual. This service helps our member maintain secrecy in her savings.


Social Products

Taleemi Wazeefa (Education Scholarship)

Asasah offers its poorest member household to develop capabilities of its children through education. Taleemi Wazeefa is offered to such children who are getting education above elementary grades. Preference is given to those students who are acquiring vocational skill or professional education.

Taleemi Qarz (Education Loan)

Sustainable livelihoods require capabilities, assets and activities to earn a living. This is a fact that capabilities facilitate developing both social and physical assets as well as initiating activities required for a means of living. A member either s/he is micro-entrepreneur or engaged in other livelihood activities can avail Taleemi Qarz for children above elementary grades. Preference is given to those students who are acquiring vocational skill or professional education.

Sehat Sahoolat (Health Insurance)

Bad health does not allow anyone to perform livelihood responsibilities with optimum strengths. Similarly, health bill of a poor household disturbs annual budgets, and sometimes burdened that household with debts. Therefore, Asasah offers a member Sehat Sahoolat (Health Insurance) services with a minor premium price. Family of a member can consult 7/24 with a doctor on toll free help line. This service is mandatory for micro-entrepreneurs who avail any loan product from Asasah. This service is provided in collaboration with New Jubilee Insurance Company.

Credit Life Insurance

Credit Life Insurance provides coverage for member and heads of households. Members purchase a mandatory Credit life insurance policy, which covers accidental death and permanent disability.

Asasah has been striving to improve the livelihoods of poor segment of the society through providing credit and financial products/services. During the course, we learnt that we have been serving to such a class among poor who may have repayment capacity, in other words a poor who is un-banked but credit-worthy. Thus a major segment among poor that is called extreme-poor having multifaceted nature of poverty remained un-noticed. Livelihoods of extreme-poor are mostly dependant on such formal and informal social safety-net practices which despite sustaining their livelihoods; help them maintaining their dependency.

Thus, Volunteers Program has been designed to serve such poor who cannot be served through microfinance i.e. extreme-poor. Nature of poverty of this class of poor requires long-term interventions to an extent where they could be regarded as economically ijavascript:JContentEditor.toggleEditor('text');ndependent. This can only be possible if a complete family is served accordingly.

You can serve through:

  • Educating an adult (woman)
  • Counseling a student on career
  • Transferring a productive skill/craft/art
  • Educating basic business accounting
  • Developing/innovating a product
  • Developing market linkages
  • Providing legal assistance
  • Giving time improve (physical and mental) health of poor
  • Writing for poor
You can support a person or family:
Donation Packages
  PKR* £ $
Financial Literacy training (per person) 800 7.05 5.06 7.85
Child Education (per person/month) 2600 22 16 25
Health Insurance (heads of a family /annum) 1500 13.22 9.50 14.73
Vocational & Technical Education (per person/month) 7000 61.71 44.32 68.72
Business Skills Training & Coaching (once) 30,000 264 203 294
A youth in Establishing Micro-Enterprise 10,000-30,000 88-264 63.31-203 107-294
(per person/annum as Karz-e-Hassan)        
A poor household in Developing Micro- 10,000-30,000 88-264 63.31-203 98-294
Enterprise (per person/annum as Karz-e-Hassan)        
Food Secuity Packages (For six Month) 30,000 264 203 294



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