Success Stories - Punctuality and Quality

Entrepreneur Ashfaq Ahmed Business Embellished garments
Age: 42 Monthly Sales: 150,000
Marital Status: Married Employees/Labor: 10
Dependents: 05 Location of Business: Home-based
Resident of: Near Ghosia Masjid, Years of Association: 02
Meerabad Town, Chichawatni with Asasah
Document date: 2010

After completing his 10 years of education, he started learning Selma Sitara craft in Aabpara Market, Islamabad. There he had been working as an employee for ten years. When he got married, he was receiving only Rs. 6,000 as salary. With such a minor salary it became difficult for him to meet his expenses. Therefore, he decided to return back to Chichwatni to setup a business of his own.

His wife supported him by selling her jewelry for investment and learning the skill to give him a hand. Ten years back, with only 20,000 rupees he started his business. However, due to his hard work, quality work and commitment in fulfilling the demand of buyers on time, he got good repute in the market. He is so much committed with his work that he has reduced his sleeping time to 4-6 hours a day. He never took leave from his work, and even spend long hours in production, when there is pressure of work. He competes in the market with punctuality and high quality production. The other reason behind his success is his satisfied women employees.

He enjoys good repute as employer in his field of trade. Ten girls, his wife and sister in law are engaged in production process. He has established production centre in his house. He paid salaries to all his employees. He also pays salary to his wife and sister in law similar to his labor. With his support, four of her workwomen have arranged their dowry for marriage.

His wife didn’t bring dowry with her. When they started life they had nothing. Now he has managed to buy all required household items. His children attend school and he is able to buy them learning aids, toys and clothing. He used to change model of his motorcycle every year. He has been saving. In next two month when he will receive his saved amount he will buy jewelry for his wife.