Success Stories - Her Principles

Entrepreneur Imtiaz Begum Business Assembling of Testers (Electric Goods)
Age: 59 Monthly Sales: 50,000
Marital Status: Married Employees/Labor: 4
Dependents: 07 Location of Business: Home-based
Resident of: Street 60, Mohallah Sabri Years of Association: 03
Ittehad Colony, Tajpura with Asasah

Road, Lahore

Document date: 2010

She belongs to a very poor family due to a number of children i.e. five daughters and 3 sons. Her husband is a careless and irresponsible person towards his family. Fifteen years ago she started working in a neighboring factory producing electric goods as a worker, but due to quick learning she was promoted on the position of foreman. Sooner due to her steadfastness and trustworthiness, factory owner started supplying material for assembling electric goods at her home.

In the beginning she worked as piece rate worker, now she does her own business, she buys raw material, assembles it in her home and sell it to the vendors. To invest in her business she used her savings and loan from Asasah. She never faced too much challenges in her business, however she has been hit by social problems of her family on different stages of her life. She sent her 9 year old eldest son in a workshop to learn skill, and advised her to not to tell a lie and never borrow money from anyone. When he turned in skilled person, she had been paying rent of the house with his salary and running the house with her own income. But at the age of 18, her eldest son died in an accident, in spite of this great loss she never gave up. She continued working hard to bring income for feeding her children and kept saving pennies for the wedding for her daughters. She has wedded her four daughters, but after divorce one daughter with two children become her dependant.

She regrets that since she was the only bread earner for her family, she could not send her children to school. She managed to wed her four daughters, her both sons are now earning hands, one is a mechanic and other is a stitching worker in a factory. However, she continues her business. From her earning she bought every household item for her family, but her family still resides in a small rented house. She is satisfied that she managed all her life with honor and remained determined to give her children comfort.

She had to bring up her children with honor, so she employed universal principles of hard work, truth, and determination in her work, and been advising her children to follow these rules. This was the only reason that employers kept providing her material worth of hundred thousand rupees without any guarantee.

Once, she engaged 11 workers in her business, but couldn’t manage expansion due to her aging. Now, she has four workers, one is full time employee. People around her give her respect due to her hard work.