Success Stories - Grinding Money

Entrepreneur Imran Hussain Business Grinding, packing and selling Salt
Age: 25 Monthly Sales: 150,000
Marital Status: Single Employees/Labor: 13
Dependents: 04 Location of Business: Alfateh Town
Resident of: Alfateh Town, Chichawatni Years of Association: 03
  with Asasah
Document date: 2010

Due to his mother’s long treatment, his family sold everything for her treatment, but she couldn’t survive. Earlier his father had tried many businesses but he faced failures in every business. At that time Imran has been working as a salesman. He used to go to see his friend who was running a salt grinding mill. Seeing his friend, he planned to start Salt business, despite his father’s resistance. He purchased a truck of Salt stones for Rs. 25,000 and got it grinded from his friend’s mill. He managed to sell all his produce on profit that encouraged him.

In 2008, he setup his own grinding mill with the loan amount borrowed by Asasah. All alone he worked hard; grinding, packing and then selling the salt. His determination to achieve lost glory of his family worked well and in days his business flourished. He never left his previous work as salesman, and still brings income from that business.

The only loss he faced in his business was loss of his friend, who now has become his competitor and avoid seeing him. His father was against his venture, but his persistence and hard work had forced him to support his son in his business. Now his father spends most of his time in overseeing grind mills.

In a very short span of time, Imran has managed to renovate his house, and decorated it with all essential household goods. He has bought two more small houses that have been rented out. The rent has been saved for the marriages of his daughters.

His grinding mill has become a source of income for 14 families. He has distributed the workforce in three departments i.e. grinding, packing and selling.