Success Stories - Their luck is her luck

Entrepreneur Aqeela Bibi Business Pranda Making
Age: 42 years Monthly Sales: 400,000
Marital Status: Married Employees/Labor: 150
Dependents: 04 Location of Business: Home-based
Resident of: Street Kadoan Wali, Kot Years of Association: 06
  Murad Khan, Kasur with Asasah  
Document date: 2010    


She started making Paranda seven years back when her husband was expelled from his family business. Since her husband was abandoned by his family due to his physical deficiency, at that moment she was determined to make some difference. Hence she applied all her strengths in achieving desired success in her business. At that time she had only Rs. 10,000, while matching funds had been borrowed from Asasah. She knew the production cost and the margins on sales; therefore she set her production targets according to the desired sum of the profits. 


She concentrated her work along with looking after her family. Her husband supported her equally in her business. The couple visited village to village and found skilled workers in Paranda making. 

In the beginning, she faced a lot of problems in selling her produce. She produced her first lot, and the contact who promised her to take her to the buyers didn’t turn up. This hurt her a lot but she didn’t give up, both wife and husband went to the market blindly and made their first customer. She never hesitated dealing with men in the market because of the confidence and trust given to her by her husband. Though she deals with the production side of the business, she has direct contact with all her customers in all cities. One of major issues in the business is finding skilled workforce and keep them loyal with the business. To ensure quality and timely production, she used to give money in advance to the workforce.

Initially, involvement of the couple in their business disturbed the life of their children, but in the course of time the children has become independent. All children go to school in the morning and for the tuition in the evening. She has managed her time of cooking and washing. She has got married her eldest daughter, bought 4 marla plot, and purchased motorcycle for her husband. The motor cycle is used for bringing supplies and distributing and collecting the material among workforce. Now, she has arranged pilgrimage to Mecca for her husband.

When she started her business, her family was unhappy, but her husband took her side. Since she never became dependent to any of its relatives therefore none interrupted her venture. In seven years of her business, she has engaged 100 families in her business, almost 150 women, as her workforce. This means 100 families are mainly dependent on her business. Their luck is her luck now. On an average, she distributes around one hundred thousand rupees among her workforce in every month.